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Cyclone victims in Bangladesh need immediate international help

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The number of death now crossed 2000. But this is not the complete. Although the city life came in the normal position, the damage in the remote islands yet to count. Thousands of people living misurable lives under the open sky, and need help. The government of Bangladesh asked for immediate international help.

Here are some more news updates:
Rescue goes on as toll crosses 2,000
Island of death and destiny

Link to send your help:
How can you help Bangladesh cyclone victims

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Cyclone Sidr kills 1200 people in Bangladesh

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At Thursday 7.30 pm local time, the biggest cyclone in the 50 years history of the country, strikes the southern coast of Bangladesh. Nearly 1200 people is reported to dead so far. Thousands others are injured.

Electricity is cut-off in the whole country, so all the communication in the whole country is cut-off. At the airport, all the flights were postponed for 11 hours. The whole country is under black-out. Even emergency surgery is stopped for the shortage of light. Petrol pumps and the filling stations are turned off for the shortage of electricity. Supply of water also stopped in the city. Also there is shortage of candal. At the city area people living in tension without any news of the victims among the relatives in the remote part of the country.

Thousands of people is living under the open sky with no food, who need immediate help. Here are some links of the details news:

Over 700 killed as cyclone wreaks havoc
Power collapse triggers chain reaction
Sundarbans bears the brunt of hurricane
City life disrupted<
Cyclone claims over 600 lives

Personally I am fine, as I live in the capital city where cyclone was not so strong. But last 2 days no charge in the mobile phone, couldn’t take shower, and living in the light of candle at night. Just before an hour, electricity supply restored..a great news..hope everything will be all right now.

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The bridge of hope

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In Bangladesh, most of the revenue now come from the garments sector – more then 70%. But the workers get very few from this. They work more then 12 hours a day, and get low payment. But only for this sector, young women of this poor country got an way to feed their family in a legal way.

This video shows workers of an industrial area at Narayanganj going to their work in the morning, rushing through a bridge made of bamboo. Being one of the main entrance of the industrial are where now established about 300 garments industries, it become very difficult to cross the bridge before the work start & ending time. All of them rushing through the bridge to reach their work in time.

At the rainy season, entrance way of the bridge in both side goes under water. That is the business time for the local people. They come ahead purchasing new canoes, and take money from the workers to cross the canal by their canoe. Who still afford that coin after feeding their family, cross it by canoe, others on foot in the water, raising their cloth as much as possible from getting wet.

Repairing of the bridge is another problem. No one ever come ahead to repair the bridge, except a factory owner. As the bridge made of bamboo, it needs to repair at least once an year. But the other factory owners of the area seems like not very much informed about it. If they all decide to make a permanent solution of it and give a small donation, they can even make a bridge with gold.

Last year at the repairing time, they started their work at night, opened the whole bridge, remade it halfway, and postponed the work for a day. That was the miserable day for the workers. In the morning when workers rushed through their way, they found no bridge is there, but some canoes by locals already arrived. But that was very few in number to tackle the situation. All of the workers rushed through them, and at least 10 of them reported to sank. Workers went back in their wet cloth, a day absent in their work, and no payment for the day.

And the authorities is doing some mysterious things. They started to erect a permanent bridge their, and postponed their work in the half way. No one knows what is the reason behind that, and when the work will resume. But a permanent solution of the misery is expected by all.

In the morning or evening while rushing through the bridge, if you look at these workers, you will really wonder how could it be possible for them to make garments of the highest quality of the world! But they really do even beside all the problems and miseries of them.


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Village wives on an idle afternoon

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In this video you can watch an afternoon of the house wives in a village home, just after a heavy rain, doing their house works. This is the common scene on a typical village home at Bangladesh. At the afternoon, they just used to do their house works – making cloths, playing with the grand children..such things..enjoy..

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Our dining hall

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This is the video of the dining hall for the employees of our factory. Nearly seventy people everyday have their lunch here. Beside this hall is the dining hall for the workers. This is a place for the social gathering of the employees.

In-charges of the production sections also have their lunch here. Everyday 13.00-14.00 hours is the lunch break. Production starts at 8.00, office an hour later. At 13.00 every one start to move one after to the dining hall at the 6th floor. Also have their noon prayer at the prayer room beside the hall. It’s the refresh time!

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