Donation system for Sidr victims in Bangladesh

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So far more than 10,000 people is reported to be killed by the strike of the strongest cyclone of the 50 years history in Bangladesh. Thousands of other people is living miserable life needing food, home, and other helps immediately.

o help the victims, country’s first Bangla blogging community Somewhere-in and charity organization Save the children have jointly built a system to make donation for the Sidr victims. Any people in Bangladesh can make donation for the victims from their mobile phone. Right now, if you send an SMS to a pre-fixed number spending 2 Tk., victims will get 15 Tk. in the help of sponsors of the program, which may eventually increase. Although you can send only one SMS for any number, not more.

Click the image below to know details and donate.

Donate Sidr victims

Edit: some youtube videos on cyclone victims

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Action against BMET corruption

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Follow-up post of:
Harassments on going abroad
At last got my clearance

At-last action is taken against the government’s Burro of manpower employment and training (BMET). At Thursday, special force Rapid action battalion (RAB)set a trap at BMET office and arrests 5 employees including the assistant director.

After getting information from the people willing to go abroad, RAB set trap at the BMET office. They sign at the currency notes, and make transactions with the people willing-to-go-abroad at the BMET office as bribe, and catch 5 employees with the money. They have been sent to jail.

The arrested officials told RAB about the transaction of at least 20 lacs taka everyday as bribe. If people go directly to the BMET office themselves to take their clearance to go abroad, they must give at lease 1500 Tk. bribe, while going via any recruiting agency reduced the bribe to 500 Tk., so people were bound to go through the brokers of recruiting agencies. These officials have been suspended temporarily from their duty.

Remembering to my harassment on getting the Clarence from BMET office few days ago, I give my thanks to the government for at last taking action against these corrupted people, as I know thousands other victims will give theirs too.

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Cyclone victims in Bangladesh need immediate international help

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The number of death now crossed 2000. But this is not the complete. Although the city life came in the normal position, the damage in the remote islands yet to count. Thousands of people living misurable lives under the open sky, and need help. The government of Bangladesh asked for immediate international help.

Here are some more news updates:
Rescue goes on as toll crosses 2,000
Island of death and destiny

Link to send your help:
How can you help Bangladesh cyclone victims

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Cyclone Sidr kills 1200 people in Bangladesh

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At Thursday 7.30 pm local time, the biggest cyclone in the 50 years history of the country, strikes the southern coast of Bangladesh. Nearly 1200 people is reported to dead so far. Thousands others are injured.

Electricity is cut-off in the whole country, so all the communication in the whole country is cut-off. At the airport, all the flights were postponed for 11 hours. The whole country is under black-out. Even emergency surgery is stopped for the shortage of light. Petrol pumps and the filling stations are turned off for the shortage of electricity. Supply of water also stopped in the city. Also there is shortage of candal. At the city area people living in tension without any news of the victims among the relatives in the remote part of the country.

Thousands of people is living under the open sky with no food, who need immediate help. Here are some links of the details news:

Over 700 killed as cyclone wreaks havoc
Power collapse triggers chain reaction
Sundarbans bears the brunt of hurricane
City life disrupted<
Cyclone claims over 600 lives

Personally I am fine, as I live in the capital city where cyclone was not so strong. But last 2 days no charge in the mobile phone, couldn’t take shower, and living in the light of candle at night. Just before an hour, electricity supply restored..a great news..hope everything will be all right now.

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At last got my clearance

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Follow-up of harassments on going abroad

At Thursday afternoon they restored their server, and after standing in the queue for an hour, I got my BAIRA job seeker registration card. Immediately I ran to the nearby travel agency and my broker ran to the BMET office with my pre-filled application form.

I was really astonished entering the BMET office at 4 PM. For the first time in my life I saw government employees working after their office hour, although the motivation in doing so was just illegal money. My broker went to the office where lots of brokers were doing the same thing. He submitted the application form, went to the entry-restricted computer section, got my clearance card printed, and came back just within an hour.

Although it costs me the double amount of the actual requirements, but thanks to Allah, at last I could got my clearance.

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Harassments on going abroad

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I have my visa in my hand. To join my job as a computer programmer in a country at middle-east region, all I need before purchasing my ticket is a clearance card from the government’s Burro of manpower, employments, and training (BMET). Without it airlines won’t sell ticket to me, because they won’t allow me to pass the airport without the clearance. So I needed the clearance badly, because I was running out of time.

The validity period of my visa was remaining about one month. And there was a heavy rush in the airlines at that region because of the upcoming “Hajj” – the biggest festival of the Muslim world at Mecca. All the cheap airlines are already booked for a long period. Only the most expensive one remained some vacancy for me. And still I had to purchase the ticket quickly.

So in a very morning I go to the BMEP office. On my entrance the guard challenges me and ask for which country I needed the clearance for. I give him the name. Immediately he shows a man outside and tell me to go with him, who will help me to complete the formalities. I follow him to nearest building to a Travel Agency office. There he tells me that I can not do this job myself. It is not possible. If I want it, I must give the job to a travel agency, who will do it for me for a handsome fee. Or else if I wanted to do it myself, I can just wonder from desk to desk in the office hopelessly, but they won’t do any help. I won’t even able to get an application form from the office.

Realizing the situation, I had no alternative of giving him the job to be done at the double of the original government cost. There was two tasks involved in the process. First I have to get registered at the government’s “Job Seeker” database. Only after getting my job seeker ID, I can apply for the clearance. The broker told me that I have to complete the registration process myself, and give him the ID. After that he will manage my clearance card.

I went to the nearest office to get myself registered. After standing on the queue for about an hour, I reached the officer to will receive my application, and give me a date of getting my ID. Before me everyone was getting a date about after an week. On my turn, I explained my situation to him and showed my visa expiration date. He kindly gave me the date of the following day. Later I’ve found that I was the only person of the day getting the date of following day.

On returning to the nearby travel agent office, I demanded the return of my passport from the broker, which I gave to him before going to the registration office. He told me to wait for one and half hour. In this time, he will manage the stamp sill from the office. After waiting for an hour, my passport arrived from the BMET office, with the clearence stamp on it with a blank space to write the registration ID no and date, and signed. I now need to write the registration number and date in the passport, which I myself can do. And they will give me a card of clearance, which I have to take after getting the registration ID. I paid the broker two third of the promised amount, took the passport, and returned home.

The following day, going to the registration office to get my ID card, they just told me that they won’t be able to give it to me today – “no way, our computer server it out of order, and we don’t know when will it be in order.” Standing there, I just didn’t know what to do. Still I am not sure, if I will be able to make my way to join my job in time.

Edit: Follow-up posts:
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