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For a long time I was looking for a site to send free SMS to Bangladesh. Although there are lots who claim to send free SMS, but they are not so user friendly, as some requires credit or other bindings.

At last today after a whole day search at google, I’ve found a site from where you can send free SMS to Bangladesh. No credit required. Not even any registration!! I’ve tested it successfully sending SMS to the GP numbers. Other operators I haven’t checked yet.

But there are two limitations using the site. It is written in German, and you can send only 5 SMS every day. But who cares? After all I can send free.

The interface is very easy, so you can send easily. You have to write the number beginning with 00 before the country code. After composing the message, press the send button. You have to wait 15 seconds to see the advertisements. After the count-down, enter the validation code, and send button. Your SMS is gone! 🙂

Link of the site:
Edit: Another similar site: www.


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188 Responses to “Free SMS to Bangladesh”

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irteja @ does it work for you? no one is telling me it works or not!

hey there, it really works! thanks a ton! hope your search for free sms service did not end. looking forward to more findings from you. good jab man!

You should try action telecom (
You can send unlimited SMS texts with no limits.

Adam @ No option to send at Bangladesh. But good site to send in many other countries.

um… hi
yea ive bin looking for the same thing
but i have some questions if you dont register or anything how do the people in bangladesh reply me back through sms?and when they check the messages, do they have to pay??

plz mail me how its works

Tahia @ Yes, you are right. When you send an SMS, it won’t show your number to the sender because you haven’t registered. But thats not any problem. You can write your number and name at the end of your SMS.

And the receiver won’t have to pay anything to receive any message you send from these sites.

Arman @ I do not know anything about the technical side of the system. But it works to send mail in Bangladesh 🙂


can not understnd

If you have problem with the German language, try translator service of Google. You can copy the website address there, and translate from German to English.

thanks for this service.

This site always help me.Because here is no problem to send free sms any mobile.

i see like this “Free SMS Versand Free SMS
Bitte fülle das Formular unten aus, um eine SMS zu versenden. Please fill out the form below to send an SMS. ”

but not the form below..

It is not possible to send more than 5 sms from an IP everyday. So try the next day.

If still doesn’t come, check for the last line as a link, click it..u’ll get it.

Free sms can be sent using the firefox browser. But the problem is with Internet explorer as the form to send sms is not visible. Is there anyone who sent sms using Internetexplorer?

Anyone sent SMS to other operators except GP?

i tried dis link……..but cudnt send any sms cauz i don kno german……could u pz explain hw to send sms

I could not sent sms from those sites.

Seems like these sites do not works at IE. Use Firefox instead if you are facing problem.

For language problem, you can use the translation service of Google.

i want to know how to send a sms to indian
mobiles like airtel,hutch,bsnl etc.
it must hav above 160 charactersss.
if any body knows that please inform me at

Thanks for free sms service.

i want to know that how can i send sms from

Thank you for this information.

Thank you for this information

rashed how r u.

May be they have changed the way to send SMS for free now and it doesn’t work now.

Hi, friend check this web site also,
this have a web page for Bangladesh SMS.


Very good

thank u so much

its Cool!!

What can we send a sms to any Bangladeshi Mobile.

Please let me know about this.

Thanks so much for the info. Was able to translate everything with google language translator and successfully send SMS. also works well, only limitation there is that you can only send 90 characters at a time but unlimited time.


This system is well for us.This system is more then wel then well if we send free SMS in another operator

my site provide wildly free sms service

Well, I couldn’t send sms anywhere. Cause, they were
written that to fill up the form below and send
sms. But i found no form. but only ads by google.

Try this blog, there are many usefull articles
on SMS.

I do find Send button.Help me if you able

I love to sen free sms


I can’t find send button

Hi i can’t understand how can i send sms for free in bangladesh
plz help me. bye

i can’t understand at all plz help me me me me

thanks a lot man
now i can be in touch with ma girl frnd there

is it still works?


site looks good but after i type the captcha and press the ad button to send the message, it comes back saying there was an error sending the message (“Es ist ein Fehler beim Versenden der SMS aufgetreten!”). has anyone gotten this? the phone number i typed was 008801715XXXXXX (GP), is this the correct format? thx

How can i use free sms to bangladesh ?

it is not so easy but one should try try n try for it.however a good attempt.

But where is the send button?!

Great work man! Onek, onek dhonnobad :D.

Try this site for FREE SMS to Bangladesh:

frm i tried to send after writing code where shoul i click to send it?i didnt get any send option.although i tried a lot.plz giv me th solution.

get find but how will prosses ……

wow nice but hw does it wrk agen????

Hi it says please fill the form below to send the sms but i cant see any form? hw does it work?

It is realy good

it is a great pleasure that we can send sms at free of cost

plz try to make it more easy .

plz give the describe how we can send sms

Everyone having problem finding the send button, just use FIREFOX. These sites doesn’t work with IE properly.

As I can’t reply much frequently here, read the previous comments first if anyone have difficulties with sending SMS from these sites, before writing about your problems.

Wish you all the very best of luck!


baal kisui bujhtesina, koi sms koi number kisui khuje pachi na

iwanna sent sms

thx a lot…………..!!!

hello, dear friend! nice to read, i have tried but didn’t work yet…can you tell me lil bit in detail? thanks.
It works buddy!!! try it out!

what, ummm diz is in german!!!
amee buzeena and frram naaa 😦

How to I will send free sms in Bangladeshi mobile

i want to send free sms to bangladesh

this works……but only for grammenphone……..

that does really work….thnx for ur help.Now i am sending sms to bangladesh and I know german cz i am in germany so far…

Is it works in Teletalk anyway?

I couldn’t understand the language to coninue
it & failed to sent sms. Plz help some1.

Dear monowar bhai,

kindly access into google translator then copy all text into the text area field. It will automatically convert all these french lang to english.

Currenly SMS carrier is unable to deliver SMS to bangladesh.

The link :

Please do write me if you need more help


i am so happy

very fine


thanks. i find ur site by google.

its very well and i like to send free sms

After composing the message, where is the send button? i dun find eny send button? do eny1 know where is the send button? i dun undrstand da language. plzz help! plz!

any one know about wadja

i cant understand, how it works!!! someone please write that how it work.

my mail adress is “” please any one send to me how can i send free sms to bangladesh. ploease

i waent to free sms in bangladesh.

ThanX Boss, U r great….. keep up the good job….

very good.i am pleased

k.amr cumu nib.sms pelam kintu amr kace kona taka na takai miscall dite parini.amon ki sms o dite parbana,n


hi i m very happy

give me my free sms to gp

how i can send free sms.from dubai to bangladesh.and pc to mobile.ok.bye

Congratulation to the site developer.


i am tanmay iwant to use this facilities.

it is very nice

Hi, I found the site, but i dont know he it
works, so could send a details for this? I
would appreciate.

bulshit. o one even cares about a shall place like bangladesh.

Bro, could you please explain it in step by step? And you never given an example for the format of the number. It’ll be very helpful if you do. Will it be: 0088019XXXXXXXXX or 00+88019XXXXXXXXX

Hey! I’ve tried both format. none of it worked. Always shows an error.

Dop Beta …
German language bujina deika amagore buka paiso


not bad

i love you poly

When viewing add is end, I write validation code and press send, but it not gone,

Plz instraction more :

It is not possible to send more than 5 sms from an IP everyday. So try the next day.

hey there, it really works! thanks a ton! hope your search for free sms service did not end. looking forward to more findings from you. good jab man!

It’s cool and my favourate site

Thanks for sharing the links. Both of them worked for me. 🙂


i want to send and receive to any mobile of bangladesh how will i do it can you help me

hey can u please tell me above which website is free texting to Bangladesh. I have check both but unfortunately couldn’t successful. Look forward to hearing from you about this. I really want to sent message to Bangladesh.

i am very glade to get this website

nice to see that there are free, sms sight for Bangladesh. let me make use of this.


Very helpful site

i want sms bangladeshi frnd

pls anybody mail me how can I send free sms to Bangladeshi
mobile? Mail me to

How can I send free sms to any Indian mobile? If any body know, Please mail me to

hey i opened but can’t understood anything ; pls email me the best simple way to sms bangladesh at; where to click what to open

what is the validation code?

i cant send free sms….heres no option. pls tell me in dtails or send me a free sms sendingh software…..


Any body if can tell me, how to send SMS to Bangladesh from internet.
Actually I’m looking for it.


why i send sms to bangladesh (if know plz call my no 01197040175 or send mail to )

irteja @ does it work for you? no one is telling me it works or not!

it is helpful thank you.

other operator is not working. i tried

It is good venture to have a free SMS to bangladesh to contact friends and get in touch. thanks

I love free sms…..

hi i wanna send free sms

hey there, it really works!

what is validation code?

I enjoy to sent sms, a site that provides free SMS to anyone has released an innovative SMS feature called secure private SMS.send free sms

It was a cool web site for everyone.

guys..all the sms sites listed above hav limitations. evn wadja. 3 sms per day. try it offers unlimited any mobile carrier in dis world. 100% works on every bangladeshi mobile networks.

many ppl telling abt but its fully arabic. so if u go u ll get ur desired solution(english).its very effective.for any quiry just contact me.i dont want anyone to suffer like me

hello friends how i can send free sms to bangladesh can u advice me plz

plz tell me..wt’s validation code.

hey guyz..plz tell me about validation code.Wt’s dat?

plz say me about sent sms

thnx man for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s doesn’t work at all. I could just send one sms in bangladesh…

Hi dear, I tried to send sms to GP no but not working. Did you get any more good site to get free service??

its a cool site????????

HI ! i can’t send sms to Bangladesh ! 😦 anyone can plz give me proper example?

I can’t get the number right. It keeps on saying pick a right number/number doesn’t exist. Can someone please explain how to put in the number from US? Do I put the 4-digit 00– number and then put 880167—?

How i will send to sms to cell phone number.

Feeling Happy….

|_|¯|_|appy <</

hi kamrul kamon

This is very good for me. Thanks

Thanks 4 getting the free sms service

where is the send button after the validation code?? :S

how to send sms from this site?? i cant find any option. plz somebody help me

vaia ai systeme hocche na send button khuje pachi na. pls help me.

jokhon sms pata bo tokon na commen dibo…lol

thanx if it really works

How ar you.

hay how its works,,,,,,,,,,i cant send ,,,

how to sms? what to do? I can’t understand.

i try this

boss bertho hoilam…. airtel and blink e gelo na….,

really.i could not found free sms website.

Thanks bro i was looking for this service.

How can I send free sms to any bd no. from Italy. can you please tell me any site?

Can anyone tell me how can I send sms in Bangladeshi mobile no. from Italy? please…

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